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Traditional Weddings of Africa

Yoruba (Nigeria)

Yoruba (Nigeria) (© Yoruba bride tumblr)
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  • Modern Igbo wedding (© Wikimedia Commons/Peter489)
  • Yoruba (Nigeria) (© Yoruba bride tumblr)
  • Katanga Cross (© Wikimedia Commons/Rosser1954)
  • Kikuyu (Kenya) Traditiona weddings (© Kenyaweddings.co.ke)
  • Sukuma Woman (© flickr/J Luoh)
  • Ashanti Woman (© Flickr/ghanaKenteokrahoma)
  • Luo Dancers
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Yoruba couples wear Aso-Ebi on their wedding days. Aso-Ebi is the name given to traditional Yoruba garments worn by the bride and groom and their parties, the parties will all be dressed in the same colours and traditional fabrics. Yoruba weddings feature an Ijoko (a sort of Master of Ceremonies) who is usually a woman. She will generally introduce the bride and groom's families to each other formally and will encourage the groom and his friends to prostrate themselves before the bride. She also coordinates the payment of the dowry.


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