27 August 2012 10:50 | By Obed Boafo
The Soil: Still Soulful!

The Soil

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There is no doubt South African music is as awesome as the musicians who create it. On any day, you can put this to test. The results will surely prove why it continues to be one of Africa’s most revered treasures. To put it calmly, South African music is that good.

The music trade in South Africa has grown from its trial and raw stages to the present, where it is fair to say that it has come of age – literally.

The successes chalked over the years, have been enormous if not inspiring. Today, South African music is appreciated not only by its people but also, by a global audience.

A lot of factors have contributed to the rise and rise of the music industry in South Africa. On one hand, you have a South African society that appreciates its own music, which makes commercialization of the trade less daunting, and on another hand, there is a conscious effort to raise the bar of what is an established unit and industry that is streams apart from what pertains in other African countries.

The music obviously comes good at all times, and as many as they come, they are able to permeate and penetrate into markets and territories outside the shores of the country. Call it a movement or revolution, South African music has now become very much part of the new order.

The musicians, who are the carriers or ambassadors of this movement, have been persistent; constantly pushing their dreams through, and drumming home the kind of message they want the world to come to terms with.

In droves they come, but some, stand out. The likes of Zahara, Freshly Ground, Lira, and HHP are literally international icons. 


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