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Kenyan Cuisine

Kenyan Cuisine

Kenyan Cuisine (© Flickr/Biodiversity International)
  • Kenyan Cuisine (© Flickr/Biodiversity International)
  • Nyama Choma (© flickr/hktang)
  • Kachumbari (© flickr /lorises)
  • Ugali (© flickr/joits)
  • Chapati (© Wikimedia commons)
  • Sukuma Wiki (© Wikimedia commons)
  • Mandazi (© Wikimedia Commons)
  • Chai (© Wikimedia commons)
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From special occasion dishes to street food, Kenya has many delicious culinary specialities to share with the world.  Prepare to get hungry as Howzit Msn introduces you to some of Kenya’s favourite foods.

Kenya’s culinary tradition includes strong Indian influences as well as hearty dishes influenced by the produce of the East African region.


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