27 September 2013 11:30 | By Eddy Ogaro
Kenya Siege's Unsung Heroes

Recce Squad

Recce Squad (© Image by Jerome Delay/Associated Press)
  • Heroes and Heroines in the Westgate siege (© Image by Zhang Chen/REX Features)
  • Watchmen (Security Guards) (© Image by Sayyid Azim/Associated Press)
  • Recce Squad (© Image by Jerome Delay/Associated Press)
  • Abdul Haji (© Image by GORAN TOMASEVIC/Newscom/RTR)
  • Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) (© Image by THOMAS MUKOYA/Newscom/RTR)
  • Red Cross volunteers and staff (© Image by Stringer/Getty Images)
  • Dr Abbas Gullet (© Image by Khalil Senosi/Associated Press)
  • Retired doctors (© Image by Stringer/Reuters)
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This is Kenyan equivalent of the U.S.’s SWAT team. The Kenya Police force was overwhelmed and had no idea of how to tackle the suicidal terrorists who sprayed bullets with abandon. To neutralise the Al Shabaab elements the highly skilled Recce Squad was brought on board. The Recce squad was armed with the latest weaponry in the country. With the help of the Kenya Defence Forces the siege on Westgate finally ended albeit with many casualties.


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