12 April 2013 07:45 | By James Francis
15 Weird Sex Facts

Old-School Porn

Ancient World Porn (© Jeannine Davis-Kimball)
  • Ancient World Porn (© Jeannine Davis-Kimball)
  • Attractiveness Attracts (© Flickr/pixelnaiad)
  • Sweating Hormones (© Flickr/Vox Efx)
  • Valentine's Day (© Christie's)
  • Heart-Racing Sex (© Flickr/GrejGuide.dk)
  • Autoerotic Asphyxiation (© Flickr/Mark Turnauckas)
  • Porn Causes Sexual Violence? (© Flickr/SPakhrin)
  • Sexually Transmitted Oral Diseases (© Flickr/Sukanto Debnath)
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Old-School Porn

Sexual imagery often crops up in the drawings and carvings of ancient civilisation, echoing themes of fertility and masculinity. But while we can speculate that those erotic creations had higher purposes, the same argument doesn’t cover all the blush-inducing scribblings discovered. 3,000 year old carvings found in northern China appear to detail a massive orgy, complete with over 100 characters doing all kinds of naughty things. Reaching back even further, a carving in Germany dating back 7,300 also shows two figures getting... close - making it the oldest pornographic image found thus far.


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