02 November 2012 12:55
Africa’s Highest Mountain Ranges

Africa’s Highest Mountain Ranges

Kilimanjaro (© Getty Images)
  • Kilimanjaro (© Getty Images)
  • Ethiopia (© Wikimedia Commons)
  • Uganda/DRC (© Wikimedia Commons)
  • Morocco (© Wikimedia Commons)
  • Ehtiopian Highlands (© Wikimedia Commons)
  • Tanzania (© Wikimedia Commons)
  • Kenya/Uganda (© Wikimedia Commons)
  • Tanzania (© Getty Images)
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The list of the ten highest mountain ranges in Africa is dominated by peaks in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Howzit MSN takes a tour of these breath-taking vistas beloved by climbers, geologists, photographers and desk jockeys enjoying the views.


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