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Quotes of the Week - July 20

Sanyati's Problems

A man involved in construction (© Gallo Images)
  • Quotes of the Week featuring Mila Kunis (© Wireimage, Gallo Images)
  • higher education director-general Mary Metcalfe (© Gallo Images)
  • Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga (© Gallo Images)
  • Frank Chikane (© Gallo Images)
  • A man involved in construction (© Gallo Images)
  • A man walks through tracks made by trucks in heavy snow (© Gallo Images)
  • Musician Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse (© Gallo Images)
  • Minister in the Presidency Trevor Manuel (© Gallo Images)
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"Our ability to deliver infrastructure to ordinary people in South Africa is being compromised by a twofold problem: corruption and incompetence. This problem is systemic." -- Former Sanyati chief executive Malcolm Lobban, on the soon-to-be liquidated construction company, because the Free State government failed to pay its R43 million debt. About 2,500 jobs will be lost.


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