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Spotlight on Nollywood: Nkuli
Spotlight On Nollywood: Ukwa
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  • KenyattaKenya’s Wealthiest Political Families

    The wealthiest families in Kenya have a rich political background. Political power and money seem to be entwined if the recently released report on Kenya’s wealthiest families by a British firm is anything to go by. Here is the list of families that are considered centimillionaire and virtually control 50 percent of Kenya’s wealth.


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  • Knife  Gallo Images Game lodge owner killed

    Limpopo police reported that a British woman who owned a game lodge near Thabazimbi in Limpopo had been murdered.

  • Best places to vacation with your pet (Rick Doyle CORBIS)Best Places To Vacation With Your Pet

    Fido, Felix and Cottontail will feel right at home in the pet-friendly spots on this list.

  • Elephant  Gallo Images SA elephants under threat of poaching

    Kruger National Park’s rangers are already struggling to cope with rhino poachers who are well armed, but now they needed to prepare for the slaughter of the park’s elephants as well.

  • Jane Goodall  Wikimedia Commons\Jeekc Goodall warns great apes face extinction

    World-renowned chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall warned on Tuesday that the great apes of the world were at risk of extinction within decades.

  • Tree Pangolin  Wikimedia Commons\Valerius Tygart Pangolin being driven to extinction

    The IUCN warned on Tuesday that, although some wild mammal species were being driven to extinction because of the demand for their fur, hides, horns, or tusks, the pangolin is being eaten out of existence by hungry mankind.